A responsible philosophy

Each of us is part of nature. Nature, our origin, is also a basic need, like the air we breathe. Therefore, our philosophy is based on a close relationship with nature, or better yet on a strong sense of belonging, on attention and respect for the environment that nurtures us, and on the appreciation of the beauty of everything that surrounds us.

Our ecological conception reflects our objective: to ensure that our guests live in harmony with nature – nature that is experienced, cherished and respected. We believe that the old traditions should be rediscovered and conveyed with passion in all areas: in the spa, in the gastronomic sector and in sports.

This is also why at the ALPINA DOLOMITES it’s so pleasant and so easy to relax: the superb view of the enchanting spectacle offered by nature and of the surrounding majestic peaks enhances interior harmony and the joy of living. All this naturally strengthens our conviction that healthy physical activity and contact with nature are indispensable to prevent the most widespread illnesses, to stay healthy and to create an immediate feeling of overall wellness.


For our guests we propose a vacation that, in accordance with our motto – “EXPERIENCE NATURE”, allows them to come in close contact with nature at all times.

The ALPINA DOLOMITES has the great privilege of being surrounded by a mountain environment of extraordinary beauty. And our services, activities and treatments are consistent with our inspirational idea of giving our guests the opportunity to experience all the fabulous facets of nature.