Hans-and-Paula-Steger path

The sunny high-altitude plateau of the Alpe di Siusi is criss-crossed by a well-marked network of paths and trails and is a real paradise for hikers in all seasons. One of the most pleasant hikes leads from Compatsch to Saltria along the trail dedicated to Hans and Paula Steger, a couple of skiers and mountain climbers. The route begins behind the St. Franziskus Church and has a moderate difference in altitude. It is  therefore ideal for a pleasant winter walk with a marvellous view of the Sassolungo group.


Starting point: Compatsch
Arrival: Saltria                  

Trail mark:  No. 30, Hans-and-Paula-Steger trail

Distance: 4,65 km (in each direction)
Walking time: approx. 75 min. (in each direction)                           

Altitude: 1680 - 1890 m

Difference in altitude:  approx. 220 m

 Suitable for families and children